Solid 925 Sterling Silver CZ Crystal GEMSTONES Pendant Necklace Jewelry Chain

Solid 925 Sterling Silver CZ Crystal GEMSTONES Pendant Necklace Jewelry Chain

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Solid 925 Sterling Silver CZ Crystal GEMSTONES Pendant Necklace Jewelry Chain

Heart Dancing Stone 925 Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia Crystal Pendant Necklace Chain
Brand: T400 Design -- Made with Swarovski Zirconia and Crossfor Component
Swarovski Zirconia is very hard, heat resistant, and refracts light just like a diamond. These characteristics make it the most popular diamond imitation. It is almost always set in gold or silver and mostly used for bridge jewelry, watches, eyewear, and lifestyle electronics.

The necklace is designed and assembled together using Crossfor Component. This component is a specialized hanger part to make the Dancing Stone flicker constantly once you wear it.
"Dancing Stone" in the jewelry pieces creates the twinkling effect of the stone. It enables the jewelry to move in a rhythmic manner, making it attractive for everyone to wear. It ensures quality, precision, and consistency of the brand products and to bring an ordinary jewelry to become extraordinary.

  • With Beautiful, elegant, fashionable design, this jewelry represents high quality standard in the world. It is made with Swarovski Cubic Zirconia, achieving the highest levels of certification standards while giving you the most confortable feeling for daily wear.
  • T400 Jewelers is trend leader in female necklace and pendant. You will find an outstanding collection of bracelets right here, from ladylike, leather, bead, rope, chain, charm bracelets to cuffs and bangles. There's no denying that necklace from T400 Jewelers are among the most fabulous fashion accessories available.
  • T400 Jewelers is South-China based jewellry specialized in developing high quality fashion jewellry. With the expertise in the fashion jewelry industry for over 10 years, T400 Jewelers is also amongst the first offical online retail partners with Swarovski Elements in the Greater China.
  • Great gifts for lover, wife, girlfriend, mother, friends. Well celebration presents on wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas.


The main stone Made with Swarovski Zirconia. The finest quality simulated diamond in the world.
The metal is 925 sterling silver with white gold plated. It's hypoallergenic. 

Main material : Made with Swarovski Zirconia Gemstone
Metal material : 925 sterling silver with white gold plated 
Product size : 1.18 x 0.71 inches approx. 
Chain lenght : 15.75 + 0.79 inches approx. Color : White 

Perfect for 
Daily dress 

Jewelry Maintenance 
Avoid sweat 
Avoid bath 
Avoid sleeping 
Avoid Crash 
Avoid humidity 
Avoid chemicals 
Wipe cloth 
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